Photo Swaps – Carolina & Elly

My friend Carolina Read suggested recently that we send each other a photo and then respond with a poem. Neither of us identified our photo (CLICK ON EACH TO ENLARGE) until after we’d written and shared the two poems. Notes are at the bottom.



It was a small cottage
standing alone in amidst
of field, forest and dirt tracks.
everything else was far away
shops, goods and the like.
His axe and wood fire stove
must see him through the winter.
He’d spend a long day cutting
in the late autumn sunshine.
Making sure at the end of it
there was sufficient light for a selfie.







The Questions

The philosopher goes on holiday,
wants to see the ocean and feel the sand,
take off his tie, shoes and socks, light his pipe
— consider the inscrutability
of life.
A friend of mine wants to be one too
(sans the pipe) … and reason out the answers.



First photo is of Elly’s Dad.

First poem “Kindling” is by Carolina Read.

Second photo is Carolina’s great-grandfather.

Second poem “The Questions” is by Elly Nobbs



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