Florence Ng “Wild Boar in Victoria Harbour”

Florence Ng, a good friend of mine from Hong Kong, has a recently published bilingual (Chinese and English) poetry collection. And I wanted to give you a sense of why I am so pleased to have a copy. First of all the hardcover book is beautifully produced. High quality in every way. Lovely to hold. Textured cover and commissioned artwork. I scanned the front cover. CLICK ON THE IMAGE BELOW TO SEE MORE DETAIL …



But of course there are the poems! I’ve used my scanner to show you an introductory page with commendations from 3 people: David Tait, Saya Gouda and myself, Elly Nobbs.  And again, CLICK on the image of text below and it will come up larger for reading.


For a fascinating post about the origins of the titular poem. CLICK on the link HERE.


I have Flo’s permission to post one of the poems from her book. It was a hard choice but I went with this one below. Please excuse the white on grey backgrounds but again, I scanned the poem and I reversed the colour from text to background to make the image more legible. Again please CLICK on each image to make the text larger. The larger block is from page 46 (left side) and the smaller one is from page 47 (lower right). My scanning doesn’t do justice to the formatting and careful positioning. The poem is thus on two pages, facing each other:

page 46





page 47



Wild Boar in Victoria Harbour is available from Kubrick Publishing


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