Image Swap & Poem Responses – Karen Dennison & E.E. Nobbs

Several times over the years, my poetry pal Karen Dennison and I have given each other an image for the other to respond to with a poem. And I’ve had the pleasure of posting the results on this blog. Here’s our latest efforts.
And I highly recommend Karen’s latest poetry book “The Paper House”- available here. Check out three poems from her book , and more, featured at this Poetry Shed post.


Image by E.E. Nobbs


Response Poem by Karen Dennison


Shirred in burlap ’til spring, I breathe
in an echo chamber of autumn air,
recycle summer heat, sweat.

I’ve forgotten the hues of sky and sun;
know only light through bars of sisal,
night’s shifting dark.

I chart the last migratory cries of geese,
overwintered birds’ churring wings,
sparrows, finches, chickadees.

I measure the days by the weight
of snow, the first rains, this sudden
stirring in my heart.

Image by Karen Dennison


Response Poem by E.E. Nobbs



In the beginning
(this time)

our universe unfurled
like a magnolia blossom,

began whisking 
like a hand blender,

began whipping like paddles
of a butter maker: Something congeals

into stars and planets — more 
and more … because

at the core is where light gets out
(again) at the back end

of a black hole
(that’s somewhere else).


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