Bye Bye Snow

The first week of April, I took this photo on my walk to work … and was rather struck by the lone mitten stuck next to the sidewalk – looking to be found. I showed the photo to my friend Carolina Read and she wrote a kind and hopeful poem …


Yesterday morning (15 April 2017), I took this photo of the last bit of snow in the back yard. When I looked  again after eating lunch, it was gone. Click on photo to enlarge.





  1. I like that image of the mitten waving until it’s found…
    I hope spring has finally arrived on your island, Elly 🙂 We’ve had some unseasonably warm days, recently, and the bluebells are in flower earlier than usual.

  2. Thanks, Jayne. Yes the crocuses at the front of our house are in full bloom now, so we’re getting there. And I always love seeing the photos on FB of the UK bluebells … special 🙂

  3. Love the image and the words – with all their multiple meanings. Glad your snow has finally gone or moved away – for me the first sign of spring are when the wood anemones light up the ancient woodland just ahead of the bluebells. Enjoy your crocuses and other signs of spring. 🙂

    • Thanks, Valerie. I’ll make sure Carolina sees your comments too 🙂 Wood anemones … I just googled an image …I’m not sure if we get those or not, but I will keep my eyes open. We don’t have your amazing bluebells, so it’s good to share the news of our springs xxx

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