( a haibun – draft)


Crawling inside the spongy knot-hole underside of the wind-fallen log, SHE’S cold and determined to rest. She is ALONE after SOCIETAL collapse. Apparent Reason: STARVATION. Hunters went out searching, found less and less, grew weaker, then one by one did not return. The once MIGHTY nest. Empty HEX-agonal rooms untended and STALE. The SILENCE. Glued paper walls now coming undone IN THIS WIND & RAIN. Finally, she had flown out too

quick sketch by EEN

— there had been one other, her drone, but he had dropped from the sky and was lost to her SIGHT, to smell. In stasis —  as if dead; SEX-cells, close but apart; eggs and sperm in SEPARATE sacs, so I imagine, compartmentalized as if frozen, STILL … this new queen, SEEMINGLY unconscious. Perhaps close to death — the SOLITARY phase/ season, down to one and NEX-t snow comes. Sun’s gone. Apocalyptic-like. As if the End.

My mother SITS
at the end of the table
from home

haibun in progress by E.E. Nobbs