7 Q’s for me from Robin Houghton

Robin Houghton invited me to be one of the interviewees in a recent series she posted – Seven Questions for Poets . I was very pleased to be asked and it was fun. She gave us 9 questions , and asked us to answer 7 (and there was no pressure from Robin to make the answers long 🙂 ) – along with a “Quick Plug” for whatever we wanted to highlight. I enjoyed reading all the other interviews. It’s a great way for people in a community to get to know each other better. So thanks Robin!

I was #1o and the last one in the series. Read the interview HERE.




In my interview you will see a reference to passports, hence the photo here 🙂







And here are the links to the rest of the folks interviewed by Robin –

Previous ‘Seven Questions for Poets’:
#1 – Clare Best
#2 – Jill Abram
#3 – Antony Mair
#4 – Hilda Sheehan
#5 – Ian Humphreys
#6 – Claire Dyer
#7 – Louise Ordish
#8 – Anna Kisby
#9 – Rosemary Badcoe






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