Carolina & Me

My good friend, Carolina Read & I have collaborated on this blog post. We gave each other a photo, which we then each responded to with a poem.  There were no restrictions on image sources, but we ended up both offering photos from our personal lives. Mine has my sweet old doggie in it. I also asked Carolina to provide a favourite piece of music for the “intermission”.  And what she gives us is beautiful, and I will be using it at bed-time.

Click on the photos to enlarge them.

Both of the photos and poems have an out-of-doors sense to them. You will see what I mean. Luckily for me, Carolina has an excellent sense of humour, because I ended up light years away and things a bit slant-wise responding to the photo of herself that she gave me 🙂

Carolina says:

I live in Devon close to many beautiful beaches that sweep round a rugged peninsula, enjoyed by many.  I enjoy writing poems that are simple and imaginative, nearly always inspired by a moment of observation.  Elly’s photo was a delight.

Part One: Photo from Elly followed by Carolina’s poem in response 🙂


Penny Panmure Island 2001



Life off the lead

he thought, whilst low to the sand
gaze far to the long horizon.
There was a call and fetch
about that distance – it played
with his animal self,
the claw and scent of the salty
breeze, the space such vast
fields of water offered him.
He could take a chance

and just run


meet those margins
become something he longed
to be.

Behind him a voice
now, a familiar loving one.


— poem by Carolina Read




Carolina says:

I love the music of Miten and Deva Premal.  This song (one of my all time favourites) has a long lead into the lyrics, but it does link to the photo-poem…


Part Two: Elly’s poem which is a response to the photo from (and of) Carolina  🙂 


Nothing to fear

See ?
—-K. dwarf-star <(0)>
and Kepler exo-planet >(3)<

— Kate’s evolved
so that she’s
—-in charge of the weather

The weather
on Kepler exo-planet >(3)<

is sunny —
nothing stirs, no wind
—-allowed except
on Thursday

And Thursday comes only
—-once a
trillenium — yes

their years are shorter; the air
—-un-earthly clear
It smells of cloves

—-‘cept on Thursday
— oh, events

on Kepler exo-planet >(3)<
tend to take their time
—-but finally do occur …
it’s Wednesday now on Kepler

exo-planet >(3)<
—-— Kate knows
you’re scared

and a stranger there
She starts to explain, quite kindly
—-what will happen next
when she pulls the plug ( )


— poem by E.E. Nobbs





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