scary stuff “See Into the Dark” – new Slim Volume, ed. Kate Garrett

Kate Garrett  editor at Pankhearst Publishing, gave poets a chance to explore the Dark Side — and explore we sure did.  I am pleased to have a poem in this new anthology See Into The Dark,  which can be bought at Amazon.



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There is a tremendous range of well-written poems in this book —  there are many, many ways to be scared or made uncomfortable. Quite amazing really – how many ways.

Thank you, Kate Garrett and Pankhearst 🙂

My poem in See Into The Dark involves arthropods. Here it is:

Food Webs and Neural Plasticity (or the Day the World Changed)

As I entered the woods,

she was coming out
– one leg dragging
somewhat, her smile
beatific. And we agreed
it was a lovely
late August morning.

But wait –

she whispered – The mosquitoes
have all spun silken threads
across every trail fenced in by much flora.
They will get in your eyes
if you don’t put up your hands
and sweep them away.

Odd – surely, she must have said spiders?

What if – I keep thinking, over and over –
those two tribes of keen invertebrate
hunters with their exoskeleton armours
are now in cahoots, swapping
tricks with each other – how to snare, suck
and devour this most desirable prey,

a bulky, slow-moving species of fauna

ridiculously plentiful and easy to catch,
that’s soft on the outside,
exceedingly juicy (with bones
on the inside that don’t impede feeding – good
to the last nutrition-filled drop)? The squeal
is the only thing wasted, I recall

being said with such pride by meat-packing plants
about pigs and the making of wieners.

1200px-Mosquito_TasmaniaImage source