My poem in the “Alice”anthology (it’s not about Dragons of the Skies)

Please consider voting for Alice, short-listed in the Best Anthology Category of the Saboteur Awards Deadline to vote is May 24, 2016.

Find out more about the anthology here (and to order a copy) at The Poetry Shed.  And here’s an earlier post at The Shed with the  poem by Heidi Williamson  and list of contributors.


Here’s a review of the anthology  by JV Birch.

Alice is the second big collaboration and project organized by  Emer Gillespie, Abegail Morley  & Catherine Smith –  the three founders of   Exphrasis .

And here’s a good post at the Shed by attendee Sarah Miles about the happening at The British Library.

And here’s my poem which I am very pleased to have included in the  Alice anthology  🙂


this hole is deep
or else we are falling
very slowly

Meanwhile, the Shrink
swears he’ll never
ask me how

I’m feeling — he has materialized
next to us,
the irises of his eyes


by E.E. Nobbs

cat's eye nebula
Cat’s Eye Nebula

I was of course nervous trying to come up with a poem for the anthology. My first attempt involved the Dragon of the Skies – Quetzalcoatlus northropi but I realized that she should wait and be a story for another day …

the largest flyer
Dragon of the Skies
there flew dragons

Postscript May 25, 2016

A beautifully produced film of the Alice Event is now available for our viewing pleasure 🙂