Join in the haiku fun – #NaHaiWriMo

Check out these links and you will see one way to help get through February (which at least in Canada is still the middle of winter!!) One of the really cool things about this project is that a new word-prompt is provided each day AND the really, really cool thing is that for this month each prompt word starts with “Z”. This is not as weird and/ or problematic as one might think … have a look at the links. Use the prompts or no … maybe write some haiku yourselves… you folks out there…

National Haiku Month Prompts etc on Facebook

National Haiku Month Prompts etc on Twitter

Their Home Site – Lots to Explore

Handy Hints for Writing Haiku

Here is the interesting Z-word prompt for today and my response. Zeugma is one of those great words that I think I may have come across before at some point – but had forgotten about — until now!!

February 12 writing prompt: ZEUGMA (a Western term for a word that has a meaning with what comes before and after…  Explained more here (with examples).

My response to today’s Z-prompt :

I tweet haiku —

finches at backyard feeders

have their own reasons


I am archiving my haiku on this page on my web site – feel free to have a look 🙂


Purple Finches At Feeder – source of image