Valerie Morton at Galatea Resurrects #25 (A Poetry Engagement)

I want to spread the word about the work of Eileen Tabios who (among her multitude of writer-ly & reader-ly roles) is the generous & zealous editor of the international on-line literary publication Galatea Resurrects (A Poetry Engagement)

Galatea Resurrects #25 (A Poetry Engagement) 2016-01-27 13-58-44

In the most recent issue (#25) I was very fortunate to have my poetry book The Invisible Girl reviewed by Valerie Morton.

Here’s the page that has Valerie’s review of my T.I.G.. 

Galatea Resurrects #25 (A Poetry Engagement)- THE INVISIBLE GIRL by E.E. NOBBS 2016-01-27 14-00-22


AND Eileen Tabios invited Valerie to submit some of her own poems for this same issue #25 – which are a special feature on THIS page. Be sure to have a look.

Galatea Resurrects #25 (A Poetry Engagement)- THE CRITIC WRITES POEMS- VALERIE MORTON 2016-01-27 14-01-17

AND check out Valerie Morton’s new poetry collection Handprints  at Indigo Dreams 

Valerie Morton - Indigo Dreams Bookshop 2016-01-27 14-02-41


AND you can also find out more about Eileen Tabios at her Blogger blog Eileen Verbs Books

Eileen Verbs Books 2016-01-27 14-04-53

And at her WordPress Web site

Wordpress Eileen R. Tabios - Poet, Writer, Artist, Editor, Critic, Publisher 2016-01-27 14-05-34






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  1. Glad to see this posting about Eileen Tabios – ‘multitude of writer-ly and reader-ly roles’ is spot on. Eileen leaves me amazed and exhausted with her energy and the sheer volume of output she produces. I love her enthusiasm and commitment to writing. She is certainly a lady to follow and be inspired by. I was delighted to have my review of The Invisible Girl published by her and to be her featured poet. Particularly enjoyed that it took my work across the Atlantic – as does your blog. Thank you.

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