My “Not A Lyric” Poem

Here’s today’s work. Make of it what you will, or not… it will appear to most of you to be nonsense not sense. It strikes me that I depend too much on getting approval for a poem, and to have someone tell me that a poem is “good” or “means” something to them or that they “enjoyed” it.  Anyway, no matter. I’m just trying to keep writing, and to keep watching what happens…

I like the novels of Marilyne Robinson very much and just read  this interview with her on the New York Times web site: near the end of the article she says about why writers need readers –

But what are we doing here, really?” I asked her, … “Is there anything authentic about this that isn’t just . . . something that gets done?”

“Well, I think it’s the attempt to cross,” Robinson leaned in, and the sunlight cut into her eyes again. “We are, paradoxically, given everything I just said, dependent on other people for our self-definition. I look at you, I see comprehension or question. I’m continuously learning from you….”

"Great Black-backed Gull Larus marinus" by Andreas Trepte - Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.5 via Wikimedia Commons.

Making Sense of the Street Where I Work

If I write about Fast Food
as you suggest I ought

for it_
s relevance t) [typos] subjugation, still
impoverishment of family

finances (nil) nutrition of the babies
falicious, but wait
my perceptions, my proprioceptions

not the wing of a great black-backed
gull, nor digestions
of suspective* palm-oiled crumbs

with the stones — salivating
, salvationating*  [*neologisms ack.]

Aside – re tropics re rain-forests:  never

dared to go south of South
Carolina to complain

— inside the bird’s masticating crop, O some survive 20

or so many years,  this diet [ca.,
i.e. abbrev.
for about] if not paved over

& parking lots, the wide
wheeling there
the trees of Amazon all a’tumbled

— by E.E. Nobbs

If you want to read a very different kind of poem than my poem, and certainly a much more straightforward one, then check the one at this link out (which just arrived in my email box today – I’m subscribed to the newsletter). It tells a clear, strong  story and makes effective use of repetition.  Another kind of poem…

Members of an uncontacted tribe encountered in the Brazilian state of Acre f in 2009 – from

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