Elly Decides She Needs More Playtime

The Prop for Sweet Sensations Skit
The Prop for Sweet Sensations Skit


It may not be obvious but the above is Chocolate-Ginger Cheesecake – a “prop” I just constructed from a shoe box, aluminum foil, coloured paper & a large sponge for session 2 of a course I’m taking this winter. HERE. Yup. Seniors College.  Since I’m over 50 and since my Friday afternoons are available and since I’ve always had a yen to try this sort of thing (perhaps because I am a reserved, quiet introvert) — even though I’ve no experience since playing Mrs Santa at a North Wiltshire Christmas Concert… and even though I haven’t actually gone to many live theatre productions.

The first session was fun. Lots of fun. And FUN is what I long for. About 16 people there. Most are retired. Wide range of experiences and backgrounds.

I’ll keep you posted…

… I’m not very skilled in the kitchen and have never made a cheesecake in my entire life. But because I was delegated to bring along the cheesecake “prop”, I learned a few  fascinating things in spite of myself – for example that cheese cakes are usually baked in spring form pans. And why. And yes, makes sense.

But I have made mine extra colourful because theatrical gestures need to be LARGE – one of the tidbits I learned last week.

Our teacher tells us that we’ll not have to memorize lines this winter. And we’ll not actually be putting on a play in public. But it we sign up again next year for phase 2 (err I mean Act II 🙂 … then that’s what eventually would be happening… so … I’ve included the COURSE OUTLINE  below !!

Shakespeare`s Globe Theatre in London, England, is a 1997 replica of the original Globe from 1599.


Basics of Stage Performance Course Outline

Week ONE:

  • Getting to know you
  • Group Exercises
  • Partner Exercises
  • Planned Skits
  • Beginning Improvisation Activities

HOMEWORK: Bring in one prop, piece of costume, mask forSweet Sensations

Week TWO:

  • Group Improvisations – Sweet Sensations
  • Motivated Sequence
  • Emotions
  • Emotional Improvisation
  • Character Improvisation

HOMEWORK: Select a poem, short story excerpt or novel excerpt to read in class


  • Basic stage movement
  • Body Position
  • Gesture Stage Terninolgy
  • Stage Position
  • Reader’s Theatre

HOMEWORK: Choose a story to act out in class (ex. a fairy tale)

Week FOUR:

  • Mime, Pantomime
  • resistance
  • Walking
  • Partner & Group Pantomime Exercises
  • Imaginary Objects
  • Acting out your story

Week FIVE:  Voice:

  • Pitch Range
  • Inflection
  • Volume
  • Rate
  • Quality
  • Script Scoring
  • Breath Control
  • Resonance
  • Pause
  • Consonants & Vowels
  • Pronunciation

HOMEWORK: Rework your story & tell it again.

Week SIX:

  • Acting Terminology
  • Sample Scripts: creating a character sketch
  • Role Scoring
  • Script Scoring
  • Master Gesture Crossing
  • Entrance & Exit
  • Counter Cross
  • Basic Blocking a Scene
  • Motivation
  • Subtext
  • Cues
  • Telling Your Story Again


  • Laughing
  • Crying
  • Combat
  • Romance
  • Choosing a Group Scene
    • Assign Parts
    • Read Through of Scene
  • Blocking the Scene

HOMEWORK: Bring in props & costumes for scene/ Become familiar with your part


  • Practice Scene
  • Improve Scene
  • Final Performance


  1. Wow, what a thing to do! How amazing. It sounds quite hard core actually. What is the prop for…. aren’t you just going to eat it or is there not a real cheese cake inside? Hmm I see it is oblong and you mention spring form tim which is usually round?

    Liked by 1 person

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