My Next Poem

Peanuts On The Back Of My 2015 Calendar From The Dollar Store
Peanuts On The Back Of My 2015 Calendar From The Dollar Store

Here’s a short poem I wrote on the evening of the 25th in response to the 52 prompt


The slight ache of emptiness
around my heart (or is it
my stomach) might be eased
by toast with peanut butter.

Peanuts For The Crows

It was a green christmas this year (2014) here on PEI. My next poem might be about the shadows  that the wonderful Linden-Lime tree is casting on the wall of the old play house. Never noticed that before. That’s me in 1959. I’m playing it pretty safe – on a sled on level ground. That sled wasn’t any good for speed. We eventually were given a proper toboggan, making use of the hilly fields where we lived – and there were lots of them. Click on photos to enlarge. Click twice to enlarge even more!!

IMG_0021 colour cor



    • Dear Becky – It’s true… I’ve been looking at myself close-up … and I’m not much different…appearance-wise… I STILL dress VERY sensibly in the winter time 😀 … I hope I still have some of the 3 year old’s spirit… thanks for your comment & especially your “heh heh” – Elly x

  1. Aw, you were a sweetie! There is beautiful light in that photo – the brightness that comes with sunshine and snow. You seem to be hinting at feelings of melancholy in your poem but then laugh it off with the peanut butter. I usually have mixed feelings at this time of year, sad that another year is ending but looking forward to the next. Best wishes for your next poem. Love, Josephine 🙂 x

    • Thanks for your comments, Josephine. I often find it hard to say how I feel, because my feelings are almost always mixed…I wanted in the post (the poem and the photo) to balance out my bits of melancholy with bits of joy. But acknowledge the mix. I suppose I should have used a image of mixed nuts as a symbol … ha ha…. better not try to get too fancy…Elly x

  2. Great photo – and you can tell it’s you. I like your little poem – it captures that strange aching that happens at Christmas – maybe memories of Christmasses past that can never be recaptured, memories of people gone from your life, expectations of something that’s really impossible but we all want. Maybe stick with the peanut butter and not be disappointed. It’s a funny time of year but what would winter be without it – we need hope and light. Happy New Year Elly from Earth – your poem suits that title somehow 🙂 x

  3. Yes, dear Valerie – you are right, of course. Thank you 🙂 And a Happy 2015 to you x

    p.s. I think I’m over the hump. Started making orange pomanders using whole cloves (poke poke poke) yesterday. And today I am going to make a batch of Moroccan lentil soup…

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