THE LIGHT KNOWS TRICKS by Jo Hemmant – Review by E.E. Nobbs

Pleased to have my review at the Shed …

The Poetry Shed

light-knows-cover-1_4-jpegforpostcardTHE LIGHT KNOWS TRICKS, Jo Hemmant (Doire Press, 2013)
Available to buy HERE. €12.00 (free worldwide shipping)

Jo Hemmant has been publishing poetry since 2011 at her Pindrop Press. I first met Jo a couple of years ago at one of Bill Greenwell’s popular online poetry clinics – giving me an advance peek at drafts of her own poems, some of which ended up in her first poetry collection – The Light Knows Tricks. And because I’d had that early peek, I ordered the book right away.

Qualities that no doubt make Jo an excellent publisher, editor and judge of other people’s poems can be seen in her own work where everything about the individual poems and the work as a whole is well-written and skillfully orchestrated. Adept at both story-telling and character sketches, she gives us an amazing variety of people in an amazing variety of situations, settings…

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