My Potato Poem from “The Invisible Girl” – an audio recording

Today I bought our first bag of new potatoes of the year. In honour of this always significant event, I’ve done a Sound Cloud recording of “Seasonal Affective Disorder”, one of the poems from my chapbook The Invisible Girl and posted the link below. My poem is about an old potato in mid- winter. It is now hot & mid-summer.  And so the seasons roll along…



first spuds




  1. Glad you posted this (sounds good) – especially adding the bit at the end 🙂 You sure make old potatoes seem unappetising so I am relieved you have new ones to work their charms. Maybe you could record more – even the whole book. An audio book ????

    • Dear Valerie,

      You have been encouraging me to do some recordings on my blog, so I thank you for the little push 🙂

      Yes – perhaps I can do more. Maybe the whole book? We shall see!!

      Thanks so much.

      Elly x

      • Goodness gracious dear Abi!

        That’s not good.

        I wonder if we can figure out how to tweak your settings!!

        I shall research & be in touch. Thanks for letting me know. I want you to be able to hear it!!


    • Hey Robin,

      It’s great to get your thoughts on this. I’ve enjoyed the audio recordings on your blog.too.

      I had an early version of this poem at one of Bill’s Clinics and he advised me to add a third verse. So when I was going over poems again for T.I.G., I wrote a 3rd verse using Bill as the raison etre which pleased me 🙂

      Thanks again.


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