Esther The Wonder Pig’s Animal Farm Sanctuary

I’ve been following the story of Esther and her family for several months now.  Find out out all about them here – and what major plans are afoot. I am trying to help by spreading the word, and with a small financial donation. There’s a July 1st deadline for this fundraiser. If you can help please consider doing so – this project is not just about one pig – it’s about the Esther Effect. I’m impressed by what my fellow Canadians – Steve & Derek are doing. And I believe it will have far-reaching  effects for the good. I wish them and their family all the very best.


Please Explore THIS LINK for Background Story, Photos, Videos, Links, Future Plans, & Fundraiser (How to Donate) :


Esther the Pig & Siblings
Esther the Pig & Siblings
Site of Future Sanctuary




  1. This is so sweet and reminds me of The Sheep-pig, a book by Dick King-Smith. We used to have a goat kind who would squeeze under the field gate and run through the kitchen and into our sitting room to curl herself up on the sofa for a sleep. None of us can remember how she ever learned to do this but she did. Thanks for this news.

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