Draw-A-Bird Day – i.m. Dorie Cooper

The commissionaire where I work greeted me this morning with “Happy Draw A Bird Day!”  This was news to me, so he told me all about what he’d just heard on the radio.

When I went up to my office I googled and found out more . It’s a good story – and (even though or perhaps because of its sad bits) memorable.

But it got my day off to a good start – and I thanked the commissionaire when I left at 4 pm.

So I found a pencil and paper and quickly drew a bird. Here’s the scan of what I did –


Draw A Bird (DAB) 2 April 2014 by Elly


It is the black-capped chickadee.

I copied a drawing from this site below – which I discovered much to my delight is an archive of “seasonal words” for haiku!



But I need to write a haiku, so  here’s mine —


buds not yet swelling

chickadees sit on branches,

before the rain





    • Yes, we have a commissionaire and we discuss birds (he knows about “my” crows that I feed peanuts 🙂 Thanks Becky for sharing in my enjoyment of the day.

  1. Bless the Chickadees! Lovely drawing. Made me respond –

    Little bird fluffed up
    with his eye on nutrition
    in the feeble sun.

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