Charlie is my Darlin’ – a reading by Elly to celebrate Bobbie Burns Day

Family legend has it that I’m related (on my mother’s side) to Bonnie Prince Charlie — in other words, we have some Stewart blood somewhere. [Oh dear. Oh dear. The right spelling is STUART… I’m not particularly good on the facts !!]

I was in Edinburgh Castle once (circa 1979) and was impressed. I’d like to go back some day.

So here’s my kin:

So to celebrate my Scottish bits, here’s an recording I just made. This is me. Just one take so nothing fancy (and no attempt at an accent) –

I read off the words from here (although I have indeed heard this song before 🙂 –


  1. oh, so you ARE one of the Scot diaspora on your side of Canada….. Descendants of those who made landfall there after the Clearances in 1700’s? Robbie Burns would have been campaigning for an independent Scotland I presume presumptuously but what about you?


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