Frost Warning & Doire Chapbook

There’s a first frost warning being issued for PEI tonight/tomorrow.

The first frost will probably not affect our back yard: we’re in town (where it stays warmer longer), and not in a low spot (so not in a frost pocket).

We moved into a new home this year and the only vegetables I planted were 3 cherry tomato plants – but they’ve done themselves proud, grown tall and viney, borne good yields of tasty tomatoes, over almost 6 weeks – so I thank them.

I tucked them among the 3 Colorado blue spruce we bought & planted this spring. Some day, we hope, that corner of the yard will look like a forest, and I will have to plant the cherry tomatoes somewhere else – maybe a sunnier spot in the front yard…

When I went looking for frost poems, I kept bumping up against Robert Frost poems. I like Robert’s poems, but I kept looking and found this one by Canadian writer Tim Bowling which is new to me and really hits the spot. For starters I love spider and insect poems, and Tim adds some new twists and lots of oomph …

BY Tim Bowling

Here at the wolf’s throat, at the egress of the howl,
all along the avenue of deer-blink and salmon-kick
where the spider lets its microphone down
into the cave of the blackberry bush—earth echo,
absence of the human voice—wait here
with a bee on your wrist and a fly on your cheek,
the tiny sun and tiny eclipse.
It is time to be grateful for the breath
of what you could crush without thought,
a moth, a child’s love, your own life.
There might never be another chance.
How did you find me, the astonished mother says
to her four-year-old boy who’d disappeared
in the crowds at the music festival.
I followed my heart, he shrugs,
so matter-of-fact you might not see
behind his words
(o hover and feed, but not too long)

the bee trails turning to ice as they’re flown.


In other news:


The main reason I haven’t been blogging much lately is that in July 2013,  I was DELIGHTED to win the Doire Press  2nd Annual International Poetry Chapbook Competition.

Here’s the list of all the other winners, and comments by Judge Kevin Shea,  and here’s the main link to Doire.

My 3 poems that I entered in the competition will be part of an anthology with the other long-listed entrants.

And Doire will publish  75 copies of my very own chapbook !!

So that’s what I am presently busy at, with the help and encouragement of my friends and family. I will soon have almost 40 pages of poems and artwork ready to send to the publisher. Lisa Frank from Doire tells me that if it all proceeds according to schedule, I will have the finished chapbooks by mid-December.

Exciting stuff for me – especially that I have people I can share the excitement with. I’ll post progress reports, as things proceed. I’m finally starting to believe it’s happening. Grin.

The folks at Doire are great to work with – friendly, quick to reply to emails, helpful & clear with instructions, and flexible.

My friend Jo Hemmant had her poetry collection The Lights Knows Tricks published by Doire in 2013  A fine collection, which I recommend. She includes some great Houdini poems.

And recently I took advantage of a marked down price at Doire’s and bought  Inheritance  by Miceál Kearney.  New poet to me, but I was drawn to the farm theme (since several of the poems in my chapbook are related to me growing up on a farm). I wanted to see how a young man in the 21st century in Ireland writes about his life as a farmer. I was not disappointed. Fine book. Another one I recommend.

Sorry about the hodge-podge post. I must now get back to getting my poems ready to send off to the publisher.

And in case there is frost tonight, I’ll make sure I’ve picked today all the cherry tomatoes that are ripe or nearly ripe…

there are still tomatoes in the back yard

∞ ee ∞ 


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