ABOUT WHERE i LIVE – a haiku

duckweed by een

Warm August sunshine
spreads green freckles of duckweed
on summer pond-skin.

[Note: I have revised my original post by changing “across” to “on” – a special thanks to Kimberly (see comment below) who noticed the extra syllable. Modern English haiku don’t always follow the traditional 3 line format with syllable counts of 5-7-5 BUT that was what I was intending this time, so I must learn to double check my arithmetic 🙂 Here’s a good couple of pages on writing haiku.]

pond by een

NOTE: An hour ago, I ALMOST  pushed the WordPress PUBLISH button and posted a longer poem in which I railed and wailed on about how duckweed is a horrible danger to aquatic life – but it turns out I was confusing duckweed with algae!! I hang my head in shame (especially since my educational background/work experience is in agricultural science/biology!!)

In the nick of time, I googled and found out duckweed has many fine attributes –  there’s lots at this Duckweed Gardening blog . Perhaps duckweed will help save the world.

pond by een

Oh there’s a great big duckweed world out there – here’s another good site- The Charms of Duckweed.


  1. Oops, above haiku has an extra syllable in last line. You could change ‘across’ to ‘on’. Or drop ‘skin’. Sorry I’m such a nitpicker. Although not about duckweed, here’s one from me:

    Poems short and sweet
    Beauty, musings, impressions –
    Love me some haiku

    Miss you, Tam! Have a great week. ❤


  2. Dear Kimberly,

    Thanks for dropping by.
    And for your cheerful haiku. And for your ability to count 😀

    I am going to revise right now!! I’ll go with “on” because I want to keep the freckles/skin metaphor.



  3. Nice atmospheric and peaceful Haiku. Enjoyed. Also, on the duckweed/algae–don’t feel to bad, A couple of days ago, inspired by a wonderful post I’d read the previous day, I wrote a poem about the joys of walking. Imagine my horror when, returning to the blog to post a link, I discovered it wasn’t walking at all, it was hitch hiking! I had to rewrite the poem!


  4. Thanks Diffuse The Muse and I like your hiking story 😀 I also like the name of your blog, and I’ve started following you – and I quickly found a super Crapsey Cinquin that you wrote in September.


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