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Postscript: I’m calling what you see above a poem. One thing about having my own blog is that I can share something that I consider a poem, but which a lot of other people might not. However, it’s got some of the features of a poem, including line breaks, repetition (ANAPHORA)   , rhyme and off-rhymes and so forth. It’s an “open” poem, because I’m asking the reader to make their own interpretation.

From my point of view, as the poet, I’ve been bothered this last week by a couple of things that I can’t fully express in words.

There is the horrifying story about rape. I don’t watch the news very much but I did read this story – including the bit about onlookers not helping. 

A few days ago an older woman knocked at our door, asking is we could phone a tow truck for her, or give her a push – she’d gotten her car stuck in the snow. We tried pushing, but couldn’t get the car out of the icy rut; but she phoned from our kitchen and a tow truck came in a few minutes. So, no big fuss, no big inconvenience – and I was glad we could help – but also (I must confess) glad that I didn’t have to keep a stranger company for more than half an hour. It bothers me to think that part of me didn’t want to be “bothered” for more than a short while.

But yesterday, I walked by a raggedy young man who was sitting outside in the cold, downtown; he was holding a hand written cardboard sign. All I saw was “Need $20 for…”.  But I kept walking; I wasn’t in the mood to read the rest. It would have been VERY easy to put even 50 cents, or a dollar in the hat he had sitting on the pavement in front of him – where he was huddled. I think I could have risked giving him even a bit of change – even if I didn’t know what he’d do with it. It’s hard to know why we do things, or don’t – or what the/a best answer is.

Here’s Cyndi Lauper. Listen – just because.



  1. without being a bore about it, I’ve been having political thoughts about how we care for people in society and how corporations seem to take priority over the individual and so on. Then I read your poem (which I thought was not only adventurous, but really interesting) and it made me think about how I behave towards others. It seems what you describe is entirely natural and we all do it (I do anyway), even though our intent to others would be entirely benevolent. Is it fear that we might somehow become ‘infected’ with something negative? Have our time stolen? Or just be plain put at risk? Thinking about my own behaviour, I think its fear related anyhow, even though I’m a fairly burly assertive type of character.
    Any how, your poem made me ponder on lots of things, so thank you 🙂


  2. Thank you, Bob. What you’ve said, really helps me think about what I’ve been trying to think about. I appreciate having your company – yes, I fear that it’s about fear. I suppose we have to try to face up to that – how basic a motivator that fear is.


  3. Hey thanks 🙂 It’s great to get the feedback. Glad you like the “look”. It’s to commemorate the first time I successfully flew a kite (just last summer!). I’ve been blogging for a couple of years – it’s an ongoing project, especially figuring out what I want to post about.


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