Yesterday’s Walk

The tree, up

with gaze
on gigantic ravens’

hold Yellow
with hand, or two
oh the gingko

leaf, and last
once, Sleep
yes, only broken

both Walk, again
the fallacy
of because, yes, amazing

Post hoc

Yes, I know my poem is a very poor  ee cummings-ish imitation. (I don’t even use an brackets or lower case). However, just now, in looking for an example of his, for here, I discovered one I hadn’t read before. And it’s about trees. There are of course billions of poems I haven’t read yet. Not just by him. But you know what I mean.

I mostly just wanted to commemorate my walk yesterday – and the raven and the gingko leaves  (from the amazing “living fossil” ) which I dried down in the microwave  (first time I tried this method) at work and scanned them for this post. Bruce & I agree they both remind us of the chanterelles.

Oh and the Post hoc allusion in the poem (and perhaps the whole intent of the poem)…perhaps… is because yesterday, I was reading about fallacies with arguments which got me wondering about  cause and effect…



  1. Thanks Jan. I appreciate your comments because I was feeling a bit self-conscious about posting something that requires the reader to make her own “sense” out of it, or not. But I’d been following the video material in this great (free) course for the last several weeks and was feeling inspired to write something “open”. The Coursera course just closed but a lot of Al Filreis’ materials are here – .

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