Spider Webs & Fog & Lindsey Holland’s Particle Soup

It was foggy down along  Victoria Park’s boardwalk at 8 a.m. this morning. Almost every rock piled up along the shoreline seemed to have sprouted a spider web – showing up in the fog, like magic. Lots of webs but no spiders.

I am enjoying my new copy of Lindsey Holland’s  Particle Soup. There’s a selection of her poems from this collection featured at Peony Moon. The first section of Lindsey’s book is titled “IN BIOPOESIS” and I started thinking about that word when I was admiring the multitude of web-mandalas down by the harbour…so I wrote this poem:


after Lindsey Holland’s collection Particle Soup (2012)

What if fog
on rocks condensed
into cobwebs
like the way that frost grows
on window glass
and looks like ferns), so

all the world’s spiders
climb up to these  ready-made silks, but only
after-the-fact, then
squatter’s rights
when the sun comes out?



Very low tide this morning (click on the photo to enlarge):


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