Mandala No. 18


placed in the pan, the colour

of rainbow trout
and the upended
fungal gills

like the stripes
of fat
in fillets, farmed

here’s the wild
(unrhymable), now melting butter

taste the chi
there’s the secret
place for picking, dying spruce trees
over moss, so thick, it was hard

not to leave footsteps


In week 2 of Coursera ModPo we’re looking at The Way by Rae Armantrout. ** I’m impressed by how much she suggests in a  few words. In an interview where she discusses this poem she says how the first part of the poem was from found material – snippets of overheard conversations that she recorded in a notebook.

**That there’s a trout in my poem and a “trout” in Aremantrout’s name is a happy synchronicity that I only noticed after first publishing this post 🙂

**But there’s even more coincidence – a day after my original posting, I came across an interview with Armantrout in the newly transformed Lemon Hound web site. She talks about how she gets her ideas for poems. And I was interested in what she said about line breaks – because I’ve been thinking about line breaks recently.


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